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Does Botox Stop Oily Skin?

April 16, 2021

Even though it’s associated with teenagers, a substantial number of adults have problems with oily skin. Oily skin can leave you feeling incredibly uncomfortable and can interfere with your day-to-day life. So does Botox stop oily skin? The good news is that dermatologists recently found that Botox may help you overcome the symptoms of oily…

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Dos And Don’ts After Botox

April 12, 2021

What Is Botox? Botox is a protein made from the bacterium Botulinum toxin. Despite its harmful nature, when used in small doses by doctors, it can have positive effects on the body. For instance, botox injections can be used as a cosmetic treatment to help treat or prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing.  The…

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Can You Be In The Sun After Botox?

April 10, 2021

What is botox?  Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. It’s a drug which cosmetic surgeons use to help prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles. By preventing the signalling from nerves to muscles, botox works to help wrinkles soften and relax.  How long does the procedure take?  The procedure…

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Will Botox Tighten Double Chin?

April 8, 2021

What is botox? Botox is a fascinating drug that is created from a toxin that is produced by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. Botox prevents the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from axon endings at the neuromuscular junction, which causes flaccid paralysis. While this may sound horrible, science has shown us that not all toxins…

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Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Make You Look Younger?

April 6, 2021

What is hormone replacement therapy? Hormone replacement therapy, referred to as HRT, is the most common medical treatment for symptoms of menopause. It works by introducing specific hormones into the body that are reduced during menopause and thereby cause the symptoms.  Estrogen and progesterone are the main hormones used in hormone replacement therapy, as it…

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Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Help with Hair Loss?

April 4, 2021

What is hormone replacement therapy? Hormone replacement therapy, also known as HRT, is a medical treatment most commonly used for the symptoms of menopause. During menopause, a woman’s body goes through various changes that are driven by changing hormone levels within the body. Some hormones increase while others decrease, leading to physical changes and various…

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Do You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy After Menopause?

April 2, 2021

At a certain point in their lives, women experience menopause. When this happens can differ considerably, but on the whole it begins between the ages of 45 and 55 years and about twelve months after your last period, typically lasting for about ten years.  While it’s a natural part of the aging process, many women…

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How Long Before Hormone Replacement Therapy Starts to Work?

March 31, 2021

Also known as Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) or Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy (PHT), Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is often used to treat the symptoms that arise during menopause due to lowered levels of oestrogen in the body. What are the symptoms of menopause? Menopausal symptoms can range from emotional conditions such as mood swings and a…

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How Long Can You Take Hormone Replacement Therapy?

March 29, 2021

Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that should not be taken on lightly. Fully understanding it and how it may affect your life is key before you begin on such a treatment plan. Hormone replacement therapy can be used for different reasons and amounts of time for different individuals. Such variation is why it’s so…

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Which Weight Loss Program Has The Best Results?

March 27, 2021

Losing weight can be very difficult — and keeping weight off can be even harder. However, it is definitely possible to do, especially if you follow a weight loss program that advocates eating well and exercising more. However, with all the information available on the best ways to lose weight as well as dietary schemes…

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