Can a 60 Year Old Woman Lose Weight?

Maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial for women of every age. For women over 60, a healthy diet and regular exercise is a sure-fire way to decrease the risks of age-related illnesses such as osteoporosis, cancer, and high blood pressure.

Having said that, you might be wondering, “Can a 60 year old old woman lose weight?”. If you follow the right technique and have a positive outlook, it’s never too late to embark on a weight loss journey. Before we answer this question, let’s first understand what can make weight loss difficult in older women.

Reasons that make weight loss difficult for women in their 60s

Slower Metabolism

Gaining weight, even after eating less than usual, is a common cause of concern for women in their 60s. This is because metabolism slows down with age, which makes it difficult to burn more calories. Muscle loss and less physical activities also contribute to slow metabolism among older women.

Hormone Changes

The menopause transition can be a challenging phase for most women due to the inevitable hormonal changes. Insulin resistance and lower oestrogen levels during this phase are the main reasons behind weight gain in women in their 60s. Belly fat tends to become stubborn during menopause, which can make the weight loss journey more difficult. Moreover, other menopausal signs such as mood swings and hair loss can lead to stress and inadequate sleep, both of which can contribute to weight gain.

Weight-gain due to medications

Diabetes, fluctuating blood pressure, and depression are some of the common challenges faced by women in their 60s. These health conditions require medications to be treated — and this can lead to weight gain. Steroids, antidepressants, and insulin can affect the way that the body absorbs sugars or might stimulate appetite that makes weight loss difficult. 

Sleep Deprivation

Anxiety, frequent urination, stress, and pain due to conditions like arthritis are some factors that keep older women awake at night. Sleep deprivation among seniors often affects their appetite, which leads to consuming more calories than required. It can also lead to hormonal imbalance that worsens the path of the weight loss journey.

Effective ways that will ease the process of weight loss for a 60-year-old woman

All of the above factors can make weight loss seem challenging for an older woman — but it doesn’t have to be impossible. A 60 year old woman absolutely can lose weight! Here are some steps to take to do just that. 

Eat Clean and Lean

Eating healthy is important at any age, and it becomes extremely necessary for women in their 60s. If you’re aiming for weight loss in your 60s, a correct diet strategy can help you more than anything else. Focus on reducing carbohydrates and sugars and consider adding lean proteins like fish, beans, and egg whites. Also follow the good old rule of staying away from excessive alcohol as well as processed and fried foods. It’s also recommended to practice portion control, and even the addition of green tea to boost metabolism.

Have a regular sleep schedule

Getting restful and adequate sleep is essential for older women aiming for weight loss. Having your dinner 4-5 hours before you go to sleep can successfully take you far in your weight loss journey. To maintain a healthy sleep schedule, you can also practice mediation and fix your routine to wake up early. If medications are causing you trouble in getting asleep, speak to your doctor for an alternative prescription.

Strength training

Exercise is an integral part of every weight loss plan, but seniors should be careful about the workout they choose. Strength training or resistance training can be extremely beneficial for older women as it focuses on building muscle mass. This will improve your metabolism rate so you burn calories quicker.  By making the body stronger, strength training also aids in improving mobility, reducing pain, and preventing falls.

Speak to an expert fitness consultant about the weight that you can lift and the exercise that will work best for you. You must also partake in activities like walking and cycling to stay fit and active.