Can Suboxone Make You Tired?

Suboxone is an FDA-approved prescription drug that is prescribed by doctors to treat opioid dependency.  It reduces the withdrawal symptoms, which often occur once a user of opioid stops using it or reduces its usage. Numerous studies as well as the American Society of Addiction Medicine have determined that suboxone absolutely does help in reducing opioid misuse. Suboxone is a brand-name, but it consists of two main ingredients: naloxone and buprenorphine. One can buy suboxone in its generic version as well.

You can buy this medicine in two forms: oral tablet and oral film. Both of them are available in sublingual forms, which means the patient places it under their tongue. Once done, the film will start to dissolve in the mouth.

Does suboxone make you tired?

Some of the common side effects of suboxone include nausea, vomiting, headache, sweating, numb mouth, constipation, insomnia, blurred vision, dizziness, fainting, back pain, irregular heartbeat — as well as tiredness and sleepiness. This is a direct side effect of Suboxone, however any of the other side effects may also cause exhaustion and malaise, such as nausea and body pain.

If you feel any of the side effects mentioned above, make sure to talk to your healthcare provider. In addition, call your doctor if you feel sleepy or feel uncoordinated. In the case of blurred vision, slurred speech, one must inform their doctor right away. If you feel slow breathing or slow reflex issues, consult with your physician about whether you can continue with Suboxone.

One of the great benefits of this drug is that you can generally transition from taking it at a clinic to taking it at home, so long as you have physician oversight. This means you have more freedom to live your everyday life while going through opioid withdrawal.. However, if side effects including tiredness make it hard to maintain normalcy, then it’s important to speak with your doctor to see if Suboxone is the best treatment option for you.

Since suboxone is prescribed to adults only and should be taken as per the prescription, one must ensure to keep it out of reach and sight of children. Keep it somewhere safe and in a spot where your kids won’t be able to access it. Also, keep suboxone away from visitors as well. Suboxone is not for children, and in case a child uses it by accident, you must seek medical assistance right away.

If you think of changing suboxone film to any other medicine which contains buprenorphine, be sure to talk to your doctor first. Unless the prescriber recommends, don’t change your medicine just like that. Readers must note that the amount of buprenorphine present in suboxone is not the same as other medicines that contain buprenorphine.

A few things that you should keep in mind about Suboxone:

  • Never stop taking suboxone on your own. Your healthcare provider who has prescribed suboxone should be informed about it. Those who stop taking suboxone abruptly often have to deal with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and signs. That’s why let your doctor decide how and when to stop using suboxone.
  • Suboxone medicine is not for as needed or for occasional use.

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