Do you have to keep getting Botox once you start

Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment  and many people prefer it when compared to surgical procedures because it’s minimally invasive, causes less pain, and is a quick treatment to receive.

However, the effect of Botox only lasts for three to four months, which is why one needs to keep getting a Botox treatment every few months, in order to keep the wrinkles and lines away from their face.

Consult with your doctor first

Botox is a neurotoxin, and it gets injected through a tiny needle into the areas you want to smooth out. Botox will affect your muscles, so it’s important not to take your treatment lightly. 

Also, there are a few times when it’s best to avoid getting Botox, such as when a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding. People with neurological disorders shouldn’t go for Botox either. Your skin and body condition will help the doctor understand whether you are a good candidate for receiving a Botox treatment, which is why a doctor’s consultation is necessary. 

When you reach the Botox clinic, the physician will ask you to raise and frown your eyebrow, as well as show him a smile and frown with your mouth. These expressions will help the physician to see your facial muscles’ natural movement and where the injection needs to be done. A comprehensive health assessment should be done before one goes for a Botox treatment. Talk to the physician who will perform Botox treatment about ANY medications you are currently taking, so you can avoid any potential interactions.

What is the cost of Botox?

Botox  treatments are typically charged by the treatment area or by the unit. Different Botox clinics will have different pricing structures set up. However, the average cost of 30 to 40 units will be somewhere around $300 to $600. The quality of Botox used, the quantity, and the clinic’s location, will all be factored into the cost. 

Are there any side effects?

To avoid complications, it is always recommended to visit the best Botox clinic you can find, which means you shouldn’t make cost your number one priority. Finding a highly rated Botox clinic should be your number one consideration. Botox can cause minimal side effects, though if done properly, they are likely to be very minor. If the injection is improperly given you may experience some serious complications.

Mild side effects are normal, such as bruising, though it won’t lead to the serious bruising typically seen in fillers, with bruising from Botox typically going away within a few days. Mild redness and swelling are common as well, but usually only last for the few initial hours after treatment. 

How many times should I go for a Botox treatment?

Botox is not a permanent treatment. To see the full effects of Botox, it will take around three to seven days. But do you have to keep getting Botox once you start? Unfortunately yes, as a  Botox treatment is not a permanent solution. You can expect the effect of a single Botox treatment to last for around three to four months. In some cases, the effects can last for up to six months, but that is rather rare.

The longevity of the Botox effect will also depend on the area of treatment. Once you’ve figured out how long a single botox treatment lasts for your body, you’ll be able to establish a regular routine for when to receive your treatments. 

Can Botox help me look younger?

Botox is not just for your wrinkles. Studies have shown that Botox helps  make your face look more radiant and youthful. Along with this, Botox also can have a positive impact on excessive sweating, migraines, and muscle spasm. Even though these treatments are in the early stages, studies have been conducted, and positive results are being seen. But it’s best to speak directly with a Botox clinic or a physician for further information.

How do I take care of my skin after getting Botox?

After-care is the key to how long your Botox effect will last. For 24 hours, don’t do any sort of exercise. Give your face some rest, don’t use makeup for a few days, and also avoid touching the affected area.

If you have an upcoming flight, it’s best to wait at least for a few days before flying after receiving botox. So be sure to schedule your treatment in advance. Stay in touch with your Botox clinic, and in case of any complications, talk to them right away.

Wrapping up

Now that you know Botox is a continuous process, make sure to contact the right Botox clinic for your treatment. Choosing the right Botox clinic is of paramount importance. Take care of your skin, keep it healthy, and after every few months, you can go back to the clinic and see if you’re due for another treatment.