Does Botox Stop Oily Skin?

Even though it’s associated with teenagers, a substantial number of adults have problems with oily skin. Oily skin can leave you feeling incredibly uncomfortable and can interfere with your day-to-day life. So does Botox stop oily skin? The good news is that dermatologists recently found that Botox may help you overcome the symptoms of oily skin. This is an off-label use, but there’s mounting evidence that it works.

Why does skin become excessively oily?

Oily skin happens when your sebaceous glands are forced to work too hard. This can result in them producing too much oil, leaving pores blocked and people vulnerable to acne breakouts. Many people wash or blot their skin several times a day to beat the problem, but this isn’t always highly effective.

Studies have found that Botox can reduce the amount of sebum you produce. It may also reduce pore size, making it a popular solution amongst people seeking relief from oily skin. 

Evidence Botox might help with oily skin emerged by accident. When Botox was injected into parts of people’s faces, patients said these areas became less oily than they normally were. Some patients say they find it easier to apply make-up once they have received Botox and that their make-up stays on for longer.

Is this treatment different from traditional Botox?

If you’re receiving Botox for oily skin, you’ll get it via an intradermal injection. In other words, the Botox will be directed directly into your skin rather than under it. The Botox treatment that you receive for oily skin is called intradermal botox or micro-botox. Very small amounts of Botox are used to stop the production of oil and shrink your arrector pili muscles. You won’t need to worry about facial paralysis if you undergo this treatment as it won’t affect your facial muscles. It usually takes around 30 minutes for this treatment to be administered.

Do I need an anaesthetic?

You generally won’t be offered an anaesthetic if you’re receiving Botox for oily skin. However, a numbing cream may be provided. Don’t expect to see amazing results right away, as it can take up to seven days for the effects to become visible. Once a week has passed by, you may start to see your pore sizes shrinking and oiliness reducing.

Why has Botox become so popular?

Botox has become an incredibly popular treatment around the world for all sorts of reasons. As well as reducing oily skin, it can lift the corners of your mouth, correct gummy smiles, soften square jaw lines and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment was mainly used by A-listers and other incredibly affluent types in the past but is now much more affordable and accessible.  

Is Botox suitable for everyone?

It’s strongly advised to seek advice from a doctor and to undergo a blood test before you receive Botox, as the treatment is not for everyone. You should generally be in good health and have realistic expectations of what Botox can do for you.

More facts about Botox

As Botox treatments only take around 15-30 minutes, you shouldn’t need to overhaul your schedule to visit your clinic. Some people even have the treatment during their lunch break. Botox has become increasingly popular with men over recent years. It didn’t receive FDA approval as a cosmetic treatment until 2002 but it was first discovered in the 19th century. It can also reduce problems like excessive sweating, overactive bladders, extreme migraines, and various other conditions involving the muscles. As it stands, there’s little sign of Botox declining in popularity.