How Effective is Suboxone Treatment?

Suboxone has been described as a highly effective medication for the treatment of opioid addiction. It has been called a “blockbuster” drug that has the potential to manage the symptoms of opiate addiction. Suboxone has reportedly made headlines over the years for being a game-changer. The drug is believed to effectively manage heroin addiction with little worry about withdrawal. With sales of over $1.55 billion back in 2013, Suboxone reportedly sold more than Viagra and Adderall (which are normally the two leaders in terms of drug sales).

Suboxone has been touted as a safer option than methadone, which is another more powerful addiction treatment medication. But how effective is suboxone treatment? We’ll explore this question in the article below.

Suboxone Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Until recently, MAT (medication-assisted treatment) for opioid was heavily stigmatized and underused. Even though there was overwhelming evidence and scientific data available supporting the effectiveness of the method, many people regarded MAT as using one substance to replace another. The discrimination against MAT patients has been an issue, despite the strict federal laws created to protect patients.

Suboxone treatment has helped many overcome their addiction to many opiates including heroin. When taken according to the treatment plan suggested and under the direction of a medical professional, Suboxone can help individuals recover from their addiction to substances like heroin and others without any painful withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone will help you regain control of your life, whether it’s about working, caring for your family, or schooling while treating your addiction discreetly. You may need to visit a treatment center close to your location at least once every week to undergo counseling on how to follow your Suboxone prescription. After this, Suboxone can be taken privately in the comfort of your home with a very low potential for abuse.

The Effectiveness of Suboxone in MAT for Opioid Dependence

MAT is a highly efficient treatment method for people suffering from opioid addiction. MAT provides relief from withdrawal syndrome and stops cravings and which will allow the individual to take part in behavioral therapy and social support programs. MAT is a highly effective treatment method for helping users wean off opioids and cut down the need for detoxification of inpatients.

MAT offers an individual tailored approach that involves the combination of behavioral therapy and medication alongside support services to help the patient recover and regain control over their life. Additionally, the MAT treatment model has:

  • Improved the rate of survival in patients
  • Increased the patients’ retention in the treatment method
  • Reduced unlawful opiate usage and all criminal acts associated with opioid dependence
  • Improved the individuals’ chances of gaining employment and maintaining it
  • Improved the outcome of pregnancies in expecting mothers who abuse opioids

How effective is Suboxone treatment?

Suboxone treatment is known to be a highly effective way to manage the withdrawal from opioid dependence. Although its usage must be closely monitored by a doctor, taking Suboxone can be done from the comfort of your home. This makes it a desirable treatment for those who want to overcome their addictions but also want to maintain a certain level or normalcy in their lives.