How Much Weight Can I Lose with B12 Shots?

Weight loss is a common desire for many people, though something that seems difficult to achieve, as many people live a sedentary life. They can barely find the time needed to get to the gym and lose those few extra pounds. 

Recently, many people have begun asking about the use of Vitamin B12 shots as a way to shed a few pounds, because this vitamin helps in the formation of fuel in the body, which in theory can then boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. 

Today we are also here to help you get an insight into what Vitamin B12 exactly is. We will provide you with an answer to the question, how much weight can I lose with B12 shots? 

What is Vitamin B12?

To make sure that all your bodily functions are being taken care of properly, you must have enough Vitamin B12, also called Cobalamin, which is a water-soluble vitamin only found in animal-based diets, fortified packaged foods, nutritional supplements, and prescription drugs. It is essential for the proper functioning of all human cells, and is one of the eight B vitamins. It also helps in DNA synthesis and with fatty acid metabolism. 

If there is a Vitamin B12 deficiency in the body, an individual cannot metabolize calories and fats. Apart from metabolic activity, it also assists to normalize the functioning of the nervous system, and helps in the production of red blood cells within bone marrow. 

Many people with low B12 levels can experience anemia and other negative symptoms due to a malfunctioning nervous system.

Are Vitamin B12 Shots Helpful for Losing Weight?

Should I begin taking the Vitamin B12 shots? How much weight can I lose with B12 shots? Will vitamin B12 be effective enough? These are only a couple of the questions that people who are thinking about getting a B12 shot for weight loss often have. This is appropriate given the presence of an entire industry devoted to fad diets and fast solutions. Since every social media influencer says their toned bodies are the result of a mystical detox concoction, it can be difficult to discern between the scams and the real thing. 

You may be contemplating a B12 shot for weight loss at this stage, so let’s break a few things down:

The effectiveness of B12 shots is completely dependent on your weight management program. If you are deficient in B12, then you would certainly benefit from receiving  B12 shots for a longer time, and will likely see a greater impact. 

The duration of injections will vary from regular or weekly injections, to monthly doses, all depending on your lifestyle, weight, age, and other medical conditions. 

But the key thing to remember is B12 shots should be treated as an addition to your weight loss plan. They aren’t a miracle solution if you don’t have the basics – diet and exercise – in place.