Low Testosterone

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Hormone Imbalance can occur at any point in a man’s life. Learn more about how Testosterone Replacement Therapy can benefit men with Low T.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Tiredness/Fatigue/ Lack of Motivation
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Joint Pain
  • Tension, anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disturbances / Insomnia
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Increased belly fat
  • Loss of erectile function
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Memory loss

What is Andropause?

Testosterone is essential for healthy male body function. It increases interest in sexual activity, maintains muscle and bone, helps preserve normal oil secretion in the skin and hair, and both, directly and indirectly, affects parts of the brain that are responsible for normal mental processes, concentration and mood. Testosterone is necessary for optimal heart and artery health. Adropause, the male equivalent to menopause in women, is an imbalance in normal hormonal levels, namely testosterone and affects all men to some degree as they age. When abudant, testosterone is at the core of energy, strength,stamina, and sexuality. When deficient, testosterone can be precursor to disease and early demise.


Beginning around age of 30, testosterone production in men decreases as a result of many causes, with aging as the most common. Between ages 40-50, many men experience a profound drop in both total testosterone and the percentage of testosterone that is readily available for the body’s cells to function normally. The decline in testosterone bioavailability or “free testosterone” causes the body’s testosterone receptor cells to malfunction and no longer respond to the testosterone signals. Andropause is the direct result of low testosterone levels as well as decreased testosterone function. Testosterone deficiency can negatively impact nearly every cell in the male body and lead to the development of several major degenerative diseases.

Testosterone therapy can improve overall health and well-being of aging men by improving sex drive, mental function, and energy levels while reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and other associated diseases.

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