Which Weight Loss Program Has The Best Results?

Losing weight can be very difficult — and keeping weight off can be even harder. However, it is definitely possible to do, especially if you follow a weight loss program that advocates eating well and exercising more. However, with all the information available on the best ways to lose weight as well as dietary schemes to subscribe to, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

In this article, we’ll take out any confusion that some may have around losing weight. So which weight loss program has the best results? Well, that depends on the person. However, there are some fundamental weight loss tenets that you can be sure will keep you healthy and happy in the long term. We’ll explain some of these basic principles that support a healthy approach to losing weight — and keeping it off for good.

Why being a healthy weight is key

One of the best ways to lose weight is to understand why it’s necessary to ensure you stay at a healthy weight. By understanding why a healthy weight is crucial, you will gain motivation to find a weight loss scheme — and stay on it as well — without too many slip-ups. 

In short, being a healthy weight will help you lead a longer life. Rather than focusing on looking good, focus on the fact that a healthy weight means you are less likely to suffer from weight-related diseases such as diabetes. Additionally, certain cancers are more common in people who are overweight. 

In addition, the repercussions that being overweight has on your body should also be kept in mind. When you’re overweight, you are putting more pressure on your heart to pump blood around your body as well as your joints. The heavier you are, the more difficult you will find it to get around, and the more susceptible you may be to conditions such as arthritis. 

What is a healthy weight?

Doctors and healthcare professionals disagree on what a healthy weight is due to how a healthy weight is calculated. A popular method is using a person’s BMI (their weight and height compared to one another to come up with a figure that should fit in a certain bracket to be deemed healthy). However, this method is not suitable for some people given that muscle is heavier than fat and therefore a very fit athlete may sometimes have a BMI that indicates that they are overweight. 

In short, a healthy weight is one that means you are not putting your heart, lungs, and joints under extreme stress owing to a figure on the scales. 

How to lose weight for good

Keep the following in mind to help you lose weight for good. 

Follow a diet

Some people who successfully lose weight and keep weight off, follow a diet like the Atkins or Caveman diet. These diets often restrict a certain food type and they have been seen to help individuals get their weight down—- and in a good time as well. In recent years, diets that advocate low calorie and low fat intake have been replaced by diets that advocate low carbohydrate intake and eating more high-fat foods.

Choosing the right diet for you and your taste is key. That being said, specific diets do not need to be used — simply eating a well-balanced diet is going to be hugely beneficial to reaching your weight loss goals.  


Exercise is one of the best ways you lose weight and keep it off as well. Much like finding a diet that works for you, finding an exercise you enjoy is vital. Doing so means you actually want to exercise as opposed to finding it a chore. Regular exercise is necessary to burn calories, and the energy food gives you so that it does not turn into fat which is stored in your body.

Know your triggers

So many people fall off the losing weight wagon because they have a bad day where they eat what they are not “meant” to, or eat too much. Even people of the healthiest weight have days where they eat too much of the wrong thing. The key is to not beat yourself up about it and to recognize why those days happen. If they’re happening too often, it may be beneficial to address the triggers that make you want  to overeat. 

The best weight loss programs – key takeaways

The best weight loss programs will vary from person to person, because they are the ones that an individual sticks to in order to achieve their weight loss goals. What works for one person may not work for another. If you need some guidance as to what weight loss program would be best for you, speak to your doctor and/or a nutritionist who can help you on your weight loss journey.